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Hi! Welcome to my personal website. I'm Analog Feelings, but you can call me Nora.
People used to call me AestheticalZ or AestheticalGL.

  • Pronouns: she/her, more info here
  • Gender Identity: Transgender Woman
  • Primary OS: Windows 11 Pro
  • Primary IDE: JetBrains Rider
  • Secondary IDE: Visual Studio 2022
  • Miscellaneous Editor: Visual Studio Code

I am a programmer girl who has completely lost sensitivity to caffeine.
My interest in computers began when I was little, and since then I've been constantly expanding my knowledge.
Most of the software I make is just for fun, although some projects do have the goal of helping people out.

I am constantly trying to learn new things!
Be sure to check out the announcements page for announcements or news!

My Programming Languages

Here's a list of programming languages I work with or have worked with before!

C# It's my favorite language so far. I do most of my programs in it, I can't live without it.
C Barely use it, since I almost never do low-level things, and if I do, I either use C++ or use P/Invoke on C#.
C++ The first language I ever tried to learn, didn't go well, obviously. Now I use it for low-level things.
Java I tried to learn it before I settled with C#. I barely use it anymore.
JavaScript I absolutely despise it, but it's a necessity for websites.
HTML I also absolutely despise it, but it's at least less insane than JS.
CSS This wretched thing should not be alive. It makes websites look pretty though.

My Blog

I have a blog where I ramble about stuff! Here's a list of the most recent posts.

My Knowledge Base

I also have a knowledge base where I document obscure stuff!